Lennurd's travel bag

Heeeeey crafty peeps! Sorry for the absence, extended health issues yet again so I’ve been stuck in bed intermittently, lots of hospital, quacks and physio appointments etc, urgh. :face_with_head_bandage:

I do have a bunch of things to catch up on tho so hopefully I’ll be posting a bit more regularly now :grin: And to start off with, a post in a category I haven’t posted in for quite a while! :astonished:

So, it was my bff Spammy’s birthday, but I had a teeny puppy that I needed to keep my eyes on every minute or he would eat something he shouldn’t, or pee on something he shouldn’t, so for some reason I decided to cart my sewing machine etc downstairs to make her a pressie instead of just online shopping during puppy sleeping time!

Spammy and I both love stuffies, and they often go on holiday with us and go on trips out, cos why not?! And this is Spammy and her hubby’s beloved tiger stuffie Lennurd :grin: :tiger:

Lenn is currently hiking up a Welsh mountain with them btw, Spammy just sent me a piccie of him mid-hike, lol!

I initially wanted to make a stained glass quilt to hang (I made one yeeeeears ago for a swap, which I loved, but haven’t made one since), but I felt like something functional would be a better gift for her, and she loves a good bag, so hey presto, stained glass Lenn face!

Unfortunately that’s the only in progress shot I thought to take, but it’s better than nothing!

Like me, Spammy loves Halloween, so obv the main fabric I picked for Lenn has sneaky hidden Halloween pumpkins on it :blush:

And to conclude… here’s the very puppy I was trying to keep out of mischief back then (around 5kg) … and the beardy giraffe boy he is now at 6 months old (around 25kg)!

Hope ya liked the Lennurd bag, and bonus pup piccies! :paw_prints:
Loops xx


Love this so much, my daughter was a huge beanie boo collector when she was younger.
The background fabric and applique fabric choices, perfection :pinched_fingers:


You have so much patience…exactly what a puppy needs! I love seeing the progress of your two pups on FB as well!

Glad you adapted to sewing with a pup…the things we do for them…ha ha…the bag is so personalized and clever…I am sure it will be used and loved a lot!


Adorable bag! And so thoughtful in fabric choices for you best pal!

Looks like your pup is in the gangly stage! So cute and ridiculous!


This is absolutely adorable and I adore the choice of jack-o-lantern fabric.


The bag is awesome! And the pup is so cute! Hope you’re feeling better!


Here he is with his bff, my stuffie Mr H, lol :wink: Who wants to grow up, NOT ME!!

And thank you, I was certain she’d love the background fabric as soon as I saw it!


@AIMR - Aww thanks, I feel like it makes it more acceptable that we take like hundreds of photos and videos of them each week if we share some of them with others you know :wink: I’ve managed to migrate my sewing stuff back up to my office now, but when we first got him I set my online shops to only sell stuff I had ‘in stock’ for at least a couple of months so I would have all my time to concentrate on him, only sewing what I needed to to keep me sane!! It actually gave me more time to cross stitch my portrait of our pupper Rosie that we lost last year, which was a nice positive :paw_prints: I’ll be sharing that when I’ve finished :heart:

@TheMistressT - Thanks, I’ve made her quite a few bags over the years but I think this one was the best because it was the most personal :smiling_face: And yes Atlas is absolutely in the gangly stage, he’s all legs like a freshly birthed giraffe sometimes, and he gallops around the house like a horse!

@MightyMitochondria - Thanks, I’d totally forgotten I had it tbh until I went searching through my fabric ‘warehouse’ (lol) to find something appropriate, I think I was going to use it to line a Halloween bag, but never got round to it, and this is even better as now it’s in full view instead!!

@Bunny1kenobi - :blush: Thanks, I’m defo feeling better than I was a couple of months ago so that’s a plus, not sure if things will improve anymore, constantly being put on and off different meds and seeing different people, but as long as I can keep on crafting one way or another, and I have my pups (and hubs obv) around me then I’ll keep on going!! :paw_prints:


Love that this is so personalized and adorable. It must mean so much to her. It should! Love the background fabric of the tiger too. Sneaking in a little Halloween is fun.
And the peppers is adorable and has grown so much!!!


This is so cute and personal. Great gift! I had to look up this stained glass quilting technique. I’ve never seen it before! Now I’m so intrigued!


I just dug out the piccie of the stained glass quilt I made back in 2009 for the Chocoholics swap! It’s not particularly complex but I really love how it came out :grin:


Very cool!

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