Lentil, leek, and mushroom soup...soup

With my GERD acting up recently, I’m trying to get my mind back to eating things like this. isn’t going easy as I just can’t think of it like last year (pain, stress, anxiety, addled brain, whatever might be causing it).

Anyway, I found this portabella mushroom soup at our local Dillons store, and turns out, I don’t like portabellas as the main soup base, :no_mouth:. So I tried it in the lentils with some of the leek I bought. It’s actually really really good this way.

just a few lentils boiled til soft, then added some chopped leek, some of the mushroom soup, a spoonful of beef bouillon, and salt & pepper. Continue cooking til the leeks are tender, et voila, toj mu (Tzotzil for very tasty).

Love that bouillon, heh.


Sounds yummy!

I tried that in the beginning, but it was really hard on my spine. Took a few months before that pain got better when I stopped sleeping like that. :frowning_face: .

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Way to transform a so-so store bought soup into something you could really enjoy!

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