"Lepreclaus," Cheery & Lucky - A St. Patrick's Day Decoration

One day I was struck by the idea to modify a Santa die set to make a leprechaun and this Lepreclaus was born!

Swapped red for green, white for orange (and green), made a hat from a different die set, added some buckles, et voila, A right jolly old leprechaun!


Fun 4-leaf clovers in a couple different metallic greens spilling down the sides, a gold sentiment on top, and brass paper brads for feet on the bottom.

It’s all built on the box bottom from holiday cards, so the back is open and it could be hung as well as set on a shelf. I didn’t bother to finish the in-/backside, but I did paint the edge and a little ways into it. I forgot to touch that up before pics. Oopsie! The grey paper covers the splines of the brads.


A 3-piece striped background die set makes up the background, using rainbow glitter paper. Lepreclaus is attached by a large Action Wobble.


The dies and shiny/sparkly papers I used.




Lepreclaus is a winner!

It’s great! And, honestly, had you not said it was originally designed to be Santa I wouldn’t have been side-eying it all “waaaaait a minute, that’s no Seamus!”
Love it!

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Thanks, pals!

@Bunny1kenobi The first portmanteau I came up with was Santachaun, pronounced Santacon and that’s already a thing, then the next day I was like LEPRECLAUS! Der.



Lepreclause is awesome!

great repurpose! I love Lepreclaus!

You thought of all the details with this! I absolutely love him and his rainbow background. And the wobble action? Absolutely amazing.

This is awesome. You have a great eye, seeing a leprechaun in Santa and them making it happen. And the result is very fun!

Fabulous vision child.

Thanks, y’all!

Hahaha, how fun! :orange_heart: I had to look twice and read it several times to get how it transformed from santa into Lepraclaus! How clever!

This is flippin’ adorable!

Ha! He tricks my brain, it keeps trying to figure out why he looks familiar. That stripey background, love it.

Thanks so much everyone!

I’m adding a pic of the dies (etc.) I used so you can see the orig Santa.



:four_leaf_clover: :rainbow: :green_heart: Congratulations! Your lucky little Lepreclaus is a Featured Project this week! :green_heart: :rainbow: :four_leaf_clover:

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Oh, wow! THANK YOU!


Oh so clever!

Thank you!!!

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I so love that he wobbles! Also (for some reason) the little metal feet on the bottom of the box. You are officially the papercraft queen.

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Your diecut projects are always so creative and lovely! I lobe this jolly leprechaun and all the shiny bits!

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