Less than perfect Raku pottery

I signed up for a workshop because we live in rural Vermont now, I work remotely for Dartmouth College, and I need to meet people.

The artist, Andrew Berends, lives 10 min away from me. Last Saturday, we made our pottery. I got to try the wheel and did some slab building.

Oooh boy. :rofl::laughing: It was good for me. I will typically remake something until it looks not perfect but pretty darn good. I didn’t have time to do that so I had to just accept stuff as it was.

Anyway, today I returned to fire everything. It was so much fun.

This bowl is one of my favorites.

My sad wheel thrown pots but glammed up with feathers and horse hair. :laughing:

A weird vase or something or other.

Anyhow, it was fun. Andrew mentioned he’ll be doing more workshops. Which is great because I think it’s fun but it’s cost prohibitive. His workshops make it more affordable for me to play around.


I like your vase-thingy quite a lot! The bowl is cool…. Honestly, it’s all cool!

PS. I tried throwing pottery once. It was a bonafide disaster. :woman_facepalming:


Andrew told us not to let the clay win. The clay won all three times I used the wheel. Also my arms hurt the next day. Apparently, I am not used to using those muscles.


Really? Everytime I throw something, it’s a direct hit.
Just kidding.

Rlynn, I love your not perfect work. I won a local piece similiar.Love it.
I also love your use of black,white,gray. That’s my mind set but colors make me smile.


That’s awesome that you got to do the workshop. Everything came out wonderful.


That looks like so much fun! I really like your bowl, too - the texture is great and the light/dark glaze is beautiful. Very bold and organic.

Last time I threw pottery on a wheel was high school. I managed to make a little cup about the size of an egg, and I was glad I managed that much. Your cup looks awesome.


Raku, yum!

I spent a summer throwing pottery when I was 14, got pretty good. Didn’t try again until my 40s, and I couldn’t get the hang of it. Tried once more 20 years later, but the stand-up wheel was too low and my back hurt. Yeah, that was the problem, or my pot would have worked…


Super fun! The glazes are magical.


I think they’re perfect!


Beautiful! I don’t think the clay won… or if it did, I think it was a win for you as well. Gorgeous!


Heh. My back was pretty stiff the next day.

  1. The wheel was pretty low. He had a higher one but there were people taller than me there so…
  2. I am not used to standing on my feet that long anymore. I have a desk job. Heh.

Thanks everyone! I’ll attend the next workshop he holds. I’ll probably do a little planning beforehand now that I know what to expect.


Love your bowl and the black/white raku is always my fave. :black_heart:


Nice! Its funny how a good surface treatment can make things look so much better. :green_heart:

(I’ve done a little wheel work, & ended up deciding that it is not my thing-- you have at most three pulls before you have to live with what you’ve got or swap in a new ball of clay, and I have more fun mucking around with handbuilding where you’re not constrained to the pace of the wheel & you can tweak things for much longer before they fall apart. But if you’re fighting perfectionist tendencies, wheel might well be the way to go!)


:cherry_blossom: Congrats! This bloomin’ amazing project is featured this week! :cherry_blossom:


These are so cool! I love how organic they are. They look like you planned it.


I like the inside of the bowl and your wheel thrown pots are sweet.

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Eeep, what a fun experience!! It’s so fun to get your hands in mud and to see what comes to life. Bonus that you got to raku, too!