Let Padraig Pum’kin Play a bit o' eerie bagpipe for ya

For the Vintage Halloween Swap, I created Padraig Pum’kin to add a bit o’ eerie music to my partner’s Halloween experience.

His head is a party favor plastic pumpkin squashed a bit using a heat gun, then covered in tissue paper mache. I cut out his eyes and mouth and used lots of paint…of course. His body is a paper thread cone, painted. He has wire arms, a felt jacket and a kilt made from a Spoonflower sample square…careful planning and cutting applied, it was only 8 x 8!

The bagpipe use toothpicks, beads, and ingenuity. And his tam conceals a head stuffed with amber film and a little led light so he can play thro’ the night.

I miss him, but I don’t miss the bagpipe at 2 am!


Oh my word! What an original idea! So cute!

@marionberries I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HIM! I love plaid! His wirey bits, and his squashed face! And he LIGHTS UP!

I legit laughed at this! You’re the bomb dot com.


Not only is he super cool. He LIGHTS UP!!! (how is there not a pumpkin emoji?)

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So clever. I love him! He’s great

That is hilarious!

Aaaahhhh this is SO fun and creative!! What a character! And all the details are so well done. Wonderful project!

Amazing! I love how you created the pumpkin head!

:rofl::rofl: I love when comments like these are added to posts! I always find them super amusing :joy:

You did a great job on Padraig! I can honestly say that I’ve never looked at a plastic pumpkin and wondered if I could turn it into such a marvelous creation with my heat gun. That was a really creative idea put to good use!

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This guy is better dressed than I am! Love his kilt!! I would have butchered that square. :laughing: