Let’s Stitch Along to the End of Time!

Visible decorative handstitched elements included in some way is what I thought. That’s a pretty loose interpretation.


I believe we talked about it a long time ago (maybe the old site?). It was to be hand stitched, but could include felt applique projects (dolls, badges…) and could be part of a larger piece, like a quilt or collage. As long as it has hand stitched elements.


I submitted a machine embroidery piece awhile back and no one objected. I would put out there that using an embroidery sewing machine does take work and creativity; picking colors for the feel you want, setting up the hoop with the appropriate interfacings, constantly watching the machine and changing threads every other minute or two. Then framing, hooping in a decorative hoop, or turning it into another stitched item like a pillow, etc. :woman_shrugging:


Honestly, I don’t really care. It’s not my stitch along anymore. :laughing: It was supposed to be about fun and community building. I am not discounting machine embroidery, it just started as hand embroidery.


I think on the old place we had a separate category for machine stitching. I do think free-form machine embroidery combined with hand embroidery would fit…I personally think most things in a hoop would be acceptable, like felt embroideries…perhaps the key word is hand stitching?

I just enjoy it all…maybe some things wouldn’t qualify for the challenges, but, I would still love to see what people make…


Here’s my entry for July. I swear I didn’t come up with this until the other day, long after announcing the theme.

I outlined the wings in gold hand embroidery. It was too bright, so I hit it with a black sharpie. But it counts!

another picture and more words here I stitched some scraps and I liked it


This is what I was thinking as well. But like @AIMR said, I don’t want to miss out on awesome projects! And since @MistressJennie has participated with a machine embroidered piece before, I say let’s add machine embroidery to our working definition and see what happens!

But a strictly machine sewn piece, while technically stitching, still wouldn’t count for this craftalong unless it had machine or hand embroidered elements.


I’m baking a strudel then just have to finish mounting this, hoping to mail it to you tomorrow @steiconi!


oooooh, French knots! mmmmm, streudal!

Colonial knots! I can’t see a difference but wanted to try them :wink:



I can see the difference…they are fatter than the French…like most colonials are… :laughing:

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Oooh the ladybug! :heart_eyes:

Mounted with a hanging ribbon on the back & off in the mail tomorrow! It’s very green but not as green as this photo, lookin’ real neon here, lol.

I used lots of different stitches:
The white daisies are French knots & boullion stitch.

Blue forget-me-knots are cast on & drizzle stitch.

Yellow yarrow is colonial knots. Lavender is lazy daisy & knots.

Red roses are spider web stitch. There’s also stem, split and long & short stitch.

It’s a subtle rainbow for Pride month, see all the colours?


Absolutely beautiful!!! What an amazingly generous prize.

Lovely, I’ve got just the spot for it!

Just gorgeous…love the yarrow…

Absolutely, amazingly beautiful! I love the rainbow.

Not to come and drag out what is embroidery or not, but look at this amazing piece, done with a sewing machine. Just a regular machine. Im amazed that people can free hand sew like this (or free hand quilting)


Beautiful thread painting!