I stitched some scraps and I liked it

This month’s Stitch Along theme is "Every one is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody” – Mark Twain

This is a new technique for me, fabric collage/scrapplique

It was inspired by @sheepBlue 's hangings at Ticker Tape Quilts - One scrap at a time and by an apron* I saw in my travels this summer, and by the huge bag of scrap fabric taking up so much space in my studio.

I did the background, moon, figure, and wings as separate pieces held together with fusible web, then stitched. Then I assembled the pieces with more fusible web and stitching. AND ADDED SOME HAND EMBROIDERY.

I learned about the importance of contrast…some parts disappear more than intended, while others are more obvious than expected. :slight_smile:

*I really liked that apron, but it was $50, and I could make it myself, and it was made of scraps… Now I really have to make myself an apron.


That turned out great - I really like the progression of light to dark colors, it flows really well!

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This is stunning. So, so beautifully done.

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The butt cheeks! OMG, this is fantastic. I love it.


Wow, this is truly amazing!

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Like I said, some things turned out more noticeable than expected…


Absolutely gorgeous! I, too, love the cheeks! :smile:

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This turned out great!

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This is a real stunner! I can’t wait to see where you go with this new technique!


That is a great butt.

I kinda like the non contrasty bits. You actually have to look at the individual parts after the whole.

Also. I want to play with everyone elses scraps… Is that weird? I have buckets of my own but these look so much better.


I’m always drooling over other people’s fabric, scraps or not.

But I’ve only done one other scrap craft; a couple of years ago, I just randomly assembled scraps into a piece, and I hated it. The colors were too childish, clashy–pink! lime! orange! blue!

Before starting this one, I sorted my scraps into 12 different piles. The sky includes scraps from 4 piles, the moon from 3, the body from 2 piles, and the wings were made from bits snipped from 4 different fat quarters, not technically scraps!

Goodness gracious! This is gorgeous!


:tada: Wheeeeeee doggies! :hotdog: Your cool craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects!


Well deserved! Congrats!

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woohoo, thanks!

Wow, amazing!

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