Let’s Stitch Along to the End of Time!

Look look look what came in the mail today!

I’ve already hung it up, on a pristine wall newly exposed by moving furniture around in my studio.
It’s lovely, and so is the note!
Thank you, @Magpie !


It is really beautiful! I love how detailed all the flowers are!

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Yay! So happy it arrived & you like it. I sure had fun trying out new stitches!


Here is my entry for this month. A luna-r moth!





Love the mix of planets and the moth! Beautiful work!

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:star: :sewing_needle: :thread: Announcement Time! :thread: :sewing_needle: :star:

:sun_behind_small_cloud: I can’t believe it’s August!! Summer is flying by! I haven’t had much time to stitch lately. Crafting has been of the bite-sized variety here. But I’m hoping that changes soon!

:partying_face: Our winner for July and the lucky recipient of the Amazon gift card from @skrutt is…@kittykill! Congratulations!! You also get to pick our theme for August!

[Note: Since @kittykill’s stitch was the only entry this month that wasn’t from last month’s winner…I made the executive decision she won! Hope everyone is ok with that! :slight_smile:]

:gift: Our prize for August will be a custom 3D printed frame for needlework donated by @steiconi!!!

FYI notes from @steiconi: maximum size in any direction is 6.5", and it works best if you start with the frame, then plan the stitch to fit it. I’ll work with the winner on the design; could be the silhouette of a state or favorite animal, a leaf, a camper…

First post will be updated when we have a new theme! :heart:


Congratulations, @kittykill !

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Thanks guys! Let’s see…for August how about A New Kind of Stitch. I always use the same stitch and it would be fun to try out some new ones. It can be anything from a stitch sampler to just a small piece with a new to you kind of stitch.
Here is an example of a stitch sampler


A stitch doodle??? These are my very favorite. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Great idea! I tend to use the same stitches over and over, it would be good to try new ones.

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Great theme! I always end up doing the same stitches as well. I learned so many stitches in needlework class in school and I always use the same 5.

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This looks like a good resource

did someone post a clickable index of stitches a while ago? from the Embroiderers Guild or something?


Great idea! I’ve always wanted to make a modern version of the traditional sampler. @calluna did an amazing one that is just wow. Take more than a month tho…

There are lots of neat ideas out there. Squares, hexies, lines, filled shapes, surrounding negative space, etc. Here are a couple cute hoops:

The review says this pre-printed colour wheel sampler isn’t on great fabric but a DIY version would be easy enough.

Here’s an adorable free pattern.

This one is also incredibly cute, it’s not free tho.

Take a Stitch Tuesday TAST is an incredible free online stitch resource.


Great theme and awesome resources, guys!! I’ve updated the first post. :slight_smile:

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My brain is brewing with ideas! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

this has some fun stitches new to me; I plan to use at least two!


May I present my first entry into the stitch along :hugs:

I call it, Blueberry Boro

This is my first time creating a slow stitched piece. I wanted to add a lot more detail, but then I kind of liked the minimalist look. It’s 6 inches long and just over 4 inches wide, so I could always trim it to be a 4x6 artwork :grin:

The fabrics are scraps I got for free from a fancy fabric shop, linens with a wool felt base. The beads, which are very realistic seeds of some sort I think, I got in a mixed lot from the op shop, and the Perle 8 cotton I used I got second hand from Facebook. Oh, and I even got the needles from the op shop in this big mixed bag of vintage ones … which was really handy as I actually used a few different types in the process.

I’m not sure if the white stitch has a name, but I made it to replicate the boomerang shapes on the grey fabric. I used a stab stitch to do the yellow ‘Boro’ style stitching.

I really enjoyed making this piece :slight_smile: I can see many more slow stitched pieces in my future :hugs:

But also this because I can’t decide which direction I love best :yum:


For once I can participate too! :smiley: I had something in mind to try for this month, but havent gotten to it yet. But I did stitch a little wall hanging for my brother, as a birthday gift. And that was new to me. I have used wool as fabric, and both Perle 8 Cotton and mouline yarn to embroider, as I dont have much wool yarn.

My brother (who turned 35) collects crocodiles/alligators so I draw a picture and turned it into something I could embroider. So I have used the application technique. Im pretty pleased with how it turned out. He looks so happy, my crocodile.
I know it could fit into a childs room, but I know he will appreciate it and just be happy with a silly croc. :smiley: