Let's talk GLUE and adhesives

This could go in almost any category…

I just saw a video where the presenter sprinkled powder between two layers of fabric, ironed it, and it fused! Heat-set adhesive powder! I had no idea!

She did not reveal what she was using (like it was so commonplace that everybody would know.)
Googling revealed “Bo-Nash Fusible Bonding Agent” might be what she used. Kind of pricey, $11 for 2 ounces. But what if this is great stuff?

Has anybody used something similar? What did you think of it?

And what are your favorite adhesives?

I mostly stick with tacky glue, sometimes hot glue or super glue.

But my favorite little known glue is silicone clear adhesive. It’s great to hold nonporous things you might want to separate later, like accessories on dollhouse furniture. Holds much better than blutak or miniature wax.


I love repositionable tape dots!! I use it to test-position elements for collage but also to stick things into my journal that I might want to remove/position somewhere else later. (Also to make my own cute/silly post-it notes!)


I use good old fashioned school glue on most miniatures. Or E6000. Sometimes you just gotta have a hot glue gun, though.

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My Mom gave me some Tom’s glue for paper. Its amazing. No wrinkles. She swears by it for card making.

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There is a website called This to That where you can input materials and it will say what kind of adhesive is best. It’s informative.

For most stuff I use E6000 or “cancer glue” as my friend calls it.

For paper crafts I use Tombow, but if they’re meant to be viewed then tossed I will use double-sided tape. I mean, my single brother-in-law isn’t saving my Halloween cards to be used as decorations. Is he?

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I’ve never used the powder adhesive nor have I heard of it 'till now. Can’t imagine liking it because I’d be concerned with sprinkling on an even coat, even if I used a sprinkler like a spice bottle.

For general crafting I like glue sticks, Modge Podge-types and tacky glues. I’d like to use tape runners more for papercrafting but I need to make myself invest in a good one.

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Was it someone on LC that recommended Yamato Nori Rice Sticking Paste? I have it on my list, but I have yet to use it. Maybe I saw it on the This to That site. Has anyone used it?

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I love glue dots! I make paper dolls, so if I want to reposition a doll-accessory, the dot is “moveable” without ripping everything apart. I cut the glue dot down to smaller bits if the piece is a little dainty.