LetterPress with Sizzix - Total Newbie

Hello, this is a very specific question(s). I wanted to do some letterpressing at home (debossed on paper cardstock and stationery). From what I’ve researched, something like a sizzix Big Shot (and Plus) can do letterpress. What I am trying to determine is what to use to do the actual letter press- meaning the stamp? I am having difficulty finding out this info. Do the clear stamps you can get at the craft store and place on clear blocks (wouldn’t use the block) work, or are those too soft?? Do they need to be custom ordered? Do you use a die cut? I am looking to letterpress small images (think an owl, or typewriter, etc) at top of the card stock and the remainder of the cardstock would be for note writing. Again, I know this is rather specific, but I’ve been searching online as to where I could even ask this question and get an answer. Thank you so much in advance!

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I think the stamps would be too soft. You might be able to get something like a letterpress with inking a die and using the silicone mat that Sizzix sells (or sold). If you can find embossing folders with small enough images for your purposes, you can ink that, but you will get texture as well.

Playing around with the types of plates and bases is probably best way to see if you can get what you want. Could get expensive, though.

I’ve used my embossing machine to do some limited letterpress-type stuff. You use letterpress inks on an embossing folder, so that you get both the color and the embossed effect as well.

I purchased commercially-available embossing folders to do this. Not sure if there are ways to make your own embossing folders, or to order custom ones if there are specific designs you’re seeking.