Lettuce coin purse

My partner in the Common Ground swap is interested in learning leatherwork. My grandpa used to do a lot of amazing leatherwork, but as I did not grow up near him, I did not learn this skill. I thought I would give it a try, so I bought this kit.

I learned you can use woodburning tools on leatherwork, so I stamped this awsome lettuce stamp @JoyfulClover handcarved for me and burned the design on both sides. Then, I painted it in with acrylic paint.

I didn’t mind that part, but learned I don’t enjoy the sewing part.

Anyway, it’s a cool one of a kind item!


So cool that you tried your hand at your grandfather’s craft! It came out great, and it was a brilliant idea to use the stamp to create the image for the wood burning tool!


Wow…that turned out great! Love how cute it is with the stamp and your painting!


This is so cute.


The wood (leather?)-burned lettuce is so perfect for this little purse!!

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This is all kinds of awesome.

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What a neat idea! Looks like a cute lettuce taco! :grin:

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ha ha ha I thought the same thing…yummy enough to eat!

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