Lettuce Craft as Told by Cute Unicorns

Once there was a site that everyone loved but unfortunately it went away.

Everyone was so sad, but we hoped and wished on a star that we would find a new home.

With all the love in the world, a new, more awesome site was created. It was home grown. Made 100% of sparkle.

And now all the little unicorns are glued to their computers when they aren’t crafting. Oh my goodness! The projects they see!

I made this towel for someone very dear to me. It makes me giggle every time I look at it. I hope it makes her smile too.


oh…a story told in unicorns!!! Not only are they cute, but the story…waaaaaaaah (happy tears)…


Adorable, love the unicorns!

That is so cute! Love it :smiley:

This is the cutest thing ever.

This feels like the truest part of the whole thing :rofl:


I can’t even, this is so ridiculously adorable.

Thank goodness this is a story that can be told!

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Shut up! This is so flippin’ adorable. :unicorn::star2::purple_heart:

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Wicked cute!!! :rainbow::unicorn::heartpulse:

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The most adorable thing ever!! Love them all :blue_heart:

I want to heart this a million times. So. Stinkin’. CUTE!

No need to write a reply when @AIMR said it so well.


This is super cute and makes me kind of wish all stories we’re told in super cute unicorns!

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I love this! And your post made me tear up a bit. I love this crafty community!

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This is the most gorgeous thing! :unicorn::purple_heart:

How could she not smile looking at this?! It’s adorable. And that last unicorn really is All of Us.

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that is just fabulous.


The cutest! Made better by the story it tells. :slight_smile: