Lettuce Embroidery

Couple of years ago, I sent embroidered tea towels to @jemimah as part of a swap.

Since one of them had a lettuce theme, I thought I’d share them again here. So excited about our new lettucey home!

And here are both of them.


Yay, that’s perfect!

Love so much!!

haha Those are great! For their punny little sayings and for the careful embroidery! I can’t get stitches to turn out evenly to save my life.

I love these!! Of course, I’m a sucker for a good pun any day of the week :smile:

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I love these so much! I’m so lucky to have them - the embroidery is even more gorgeous in real life :sparkles: :leafy_green: :sparkles: they make me happy every time I see them.

Is it weird to have ‘best’ tea towels that you use to brighten up your kitchen, and amuse guests, but not actually for dishes (except the finest crystal :wink:)?


Hahaha! These are fun! I like the pun on them too but the stitches are so neat as well!

Thanks for posting them! Love them!

LOL Love the food puns, and beauitful embroidery :leafy_green:

The embroidered tea towels are lovely!
Lettuce ftw! :slight_smile:

Beautiful stitching!

Veggie humor is some of the best humor!

did you couch the black and white lettering?

The lettering! WHOA! Beautiful stitching!

Thanks, everybody! I don’t know if the stitch qualifies as true couching. The letters are back stitched and then the other color is wrapped around it afterward.

These are awesome, but I adore the edging!!

grins sounds like backwards couching!

I love the black and white stitches!

PUNS! I love puns, especially geeky puns, they both looks so nice :smiley:

LOVE these! :slight_smile: