Lettuce for lettuceheads

Hey there! I occasionally come back to lurk, but because I haven’t really been able to do much for brain reasons for the last few years, I haven’t had much to say. I do, however, have the energy to drop seeds and water on dirt, and got some buttercrunch seeds a couple days ago. Wasn’t sure where to pop this since I haven’t seen much for gardening, but wanted to share some rather eager sprouts.
These are some that I dropped on a bag of dirt I replanted a pepper plant into :smiley: they got lil leaves already and it’s only been two days haha

What’s some stuff you guys have grown lately?
P.s. if you guys have tips on germinating currants, I’d love to hear them! I have some red and white currant seeds currently chilling in my fridge in some damp dirt, and might be crushed if it doesn’t work out haha


Look at those beautiful little babies!! :raised_hands:

We’re in the hottest season here currently in Phoenix, so we have retreated indoors. We are currently fostering two garden towers while school is closed, so we are taking full advantage of planting them. I’ll grab some photos in the AM. :leafy_green:


PS. I am SO happy you are posting. :heart:

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I’m glad to see you posting! Even if you can’t really craft right now you’re still very welcome here. I’ve also spent a lot of time in the garden since lockdown and I get so happy whenever I spot some sprouts!

I’ve succesfully grown lots of lettuce, pak choi, radishes, red beets and I’ve just harvested my first zucchini!


Our lettuce didn’t come up this year. Yours is gonna be great!