Lettuce Show Off Our Personal Swap Goodies!

This swap gallery is intended as a way to recognize all the wonderful personal swaps that are done in this community!
Personal swaps are not encouraged or supported by Lettuce Craft. This is only a thread to post pictures from your personal experiences. Folks who have participated in a personal swap and wish to share pictures of the items they have sent and received may do so by posting in this gallery.

Please note that this gallery is meant for those who have had a good experience with their personal swaps! This is not the place to air your grievances about being “flaked” on… please keep it positive and give love to those awesome personal swappers!


Squee!!! Just received a fabulous personal-swap package from the generous @Lynx2Lancer!

I had been sad to have missed out on some things she had made for other swaps or in other arenas, and I also admired her fabric rope “pot” that held a crocheted succulent. So now I have all the things!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I keep trying to edit the post to make the photos stand up straight, but they just won’t… grrr!


You’re very welcome, my friend!


OHHHH, the colors in the basket!!! lurvely!

and the lettuce love continues…


Nice! Love those bracelets!


A little birdie told me that there’ll be a few more listed in the ebay sale. And when swapping is up and going, I know what to list in the STS! Who knows, LC swag may show up in other places around the site. And, lastly, my profile reads I am available for personal swaps. (I’ll swap LC swag after the ebay sale ends.)


These are all adorable!


So cute


I did a personal swap with @Lynx2Lancer. I asked if she could make some super special trinkets and cards for the inaugural Lettuce Craft Nerd Games season, and she graciously accepted!

This one is her photo… I was too busy oohing and aahing over all of the shiny discs to snap my own, and my cat is sleeping in front of the drawer I’ve stored them in for safe keeping.

She also changed up the Lettuce Craft card you’ve seen from the garage sale. You guys… this little lettuce has the cutest glasses! I love it!

And lastly, she included an extra special surprise. I got my own Nerd Games leader bracelet. I LOVE IT! And yes, there are a few purple sparkles you see there.

Thank you, Lynx2lancer. Thank you so much! I hope your swap package arrived safely!


Hi, yes, your package to me arrived and it’s marvelous! It’s too dark now for pictures, but I’ll show them here as soon as I get the chance. You guys–she spoiled me! She asked what she could make, so I asked for a hummingbird amigurumi. She did that. And sent the cute sloth she made (it now belongs to my daughter), and a gorgeous hummingbird pincushion. And, some more small extras.

Thanks so much for asking me to be part of this special inaugural Nerd Games goodies package. I’m glad you’re enjoying your bracelet!


@storerboughtcreation asked me for a personal swap of some LC Nerd Games swag. Of course, I said yes! She asked what I’d like. I asked if she could make a hummingbird amigurumi.

Here she is:


That’s more than a hummingbird?

You’re right.

She. Spoiled. Me!

I mentioned my dd would love the sloth, and she was so sweet and sent it along for her (it now lives on her bed). But, that’s not all. Her gorgeous hummingbird biscornu.

Thank you so much!


Wow! Everything here is so lovely. I adore how talented everyone is!


I got an LC bracelet from @Lynx2Lancer! I love it!!


Thank you so much! I hope you’ll like what I sent you in return! (Swap anxiety is real, even in private swaps…)


@Bunny1kenobi sent me these beautiful notecards in our personal swap! They are so pretty. Thank you!


@jemimah and i decided to do a little swap - for which i have started crafting twice and scrapped it all both times… dunno what i was thinking. Meanwhile she went ahead and created beautiful inchies for me - ha i even love the orange!

Thank you Kirsten!


Those are some great inchies! I esp like the paint palette one. the orange made me laugh.


Those are so pretty! So much detail in such a tiny space! Adding the orange is so funny!

@endymion and I did a personal swap, and after some sickness and life in general, I finally got her package today. It is all so wonderful and so worth the wait!

First, she handcarved stamps that make lettuce! I was excited for the hand-stamped cards, but that wasn’t all! She sent the stamps too!

Next, she made me a gorgeous embroidered L inchie pendent…in blue!

The piece d’resistance: this gorgeous felt hummingbird. I think I’m going to see how he looks hanging from my rear view mirror so I can enjoy him when I’m out and about…and not lose my car!

You may have also noticed a few extras: a hummingbird charm, a lettuce charm, and cool hummingbird paper…best wrapping ever!

Thanks for swapping with me Pam!


Sorry to be tardy; glad you like everything!


Those lettuce stamps are coveted greatly…wow…nice stuff…the hummingbird is gorgeous and so nicely embellished…

yeah…best wrapping paper for the hummingbird hoarder!


One of you wonderful crafter got me the slytherin craft painting by @endymion!! It was in the Craft Stars Garage sale and I was upset I didn’t have the funds to buy it before the sale closed!!

Thank you thank you to whoever got it for me!! I will post pics once I have it hanging above my craft table!