Lettuce Story Board - Baby Lettuce in the Garden

I drew up a quick first page for the book I had mentioned in the “Snapshot - What are you working on” post, and I thought, this could be a neat little project that anyone can add to. Maybe many of us can get together and create a children’s book to raise funds for Lettucecraft, or at the very least something we all can have fun with. :smiley:.


That is such a great idea!

@thanate I’d love to see where your daughter would take this story!

Setting up my tasks for the next few months, and I just got a few ideas for the titles of the books.

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Still working on baby lettuce. I’ve just started learning how to handle colors, gradients, etc, so it’ll be slow going (what isn’t? heh heh heh). Also, another really really crazy idea I’ve had…Creating an image to make a Lettucecraft wrapping paper…Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I take things way waaaaay too far, heh.


Baby Lettuce has a friend, Kenny Corn.

And Thomas Tomato.