Life is Sweeter Cookie Cutter Christmas Ornament

I experimented with plaster of paris and cookie cutter molds to make these absolutely adorable ornaments for 3 of my dear teacher friends for Christmas. The tag is a masterboard I received in a swap that I cut with my 1" circle die cut. On the back I wrote, “Life is sweeter with friends like you.” with my .05 fineliner.

The plaster of paris only took about 20 min to set. I filled the metal cookie cutter only about 1/3 of the way. Then, I let it dry a day or two. I painted the fronts, then painted the backs. I used E6000 (worked, eh so far) to hold the “raffia.”

I made holes with a paper clip. As you might notice, one was thicker, and the paper clip wouldn’t go through, so I used the sharp point of a compass. It made the PoP shred a bit, but a little paint mostly covered it.

I had wire in my stash.

I think they’ll love them. I am really pleased with how they turned out.

Here is one posing on my tree.

Thanks for looking!


Those are gonna look great on their trees!!

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What a great idea! They look really cute; I know the recipients will love them. (By the way, has your hand recovered from its injury?)

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These are so sweet! (heh)

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Thank you.

And no, my hand still hurts. I messaged my dr to see if an xray might be helpful or if I just need to keep waiting.

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Good one!

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Very cute! Ingenious way to use a cookie cutter!

Very sweet! They are sure to be loved.

What a “sweet” gift for your friends.

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How cute!

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