Light airy linen night gown

I scored several yards of light white linen a while ago. I love cotton or linen night gowns but don’t like the prices so often charged. And the colors ans styes are usually pastel and too lacy/girly. And the wrong length. Yes I am picky.
So I made one and have another planned.
I had to alter the pattern for length and I didn’t want to fully line the bodice. And it fit awkwardly, so more alterations. But I now love it. The next one will be simpler. So comfy.


So lovely - those pintucks! I bet it sleeps so comfortably.

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Very pretty! I love your scalloped stitching.

That is lovely! And P.S. you’re not picky; you just know what you like and how to achieve it. :slight_smile:


So pretty! It looks so comfortable

Thank you all, I do like what I like!

This looks so nice and light and comfy! Beautifully made.

This is beautiful. It really reminds me of simpler days… I’m picturing twilight in this cool comfy nightie, sitting on the porch swing watching the stars come out….

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This is really lovely. I went shopping for new pyjamas on the weekend and found nothing I liked, so I feel you!

It looks so comfy and light. Very well done!

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You did such a delicate and beautiful job! :cherry_blossom: It’s gorgeous and looks perfect for summer (I’m in Texas right now, with a broken A/C, and 112 degree heat index…). Did you use a commercial pattern or self-draft? It reminds me of a lovely light summer dress I owned while living in Japan many years ago. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

OOO @EriChanHime you need this, or just bare it all!

I used NewLook N6719, no awful sleeves, view A. I did a faux button placket and none on the skirt. Lengthened it, of course.

I’m using NewLook N6284 view A or D for the next one. Should be a breeze.

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Thank you so much! Those are both great base patterns. I agree about the sleeves on the first being crazy! :joy: It looks so perfect as a floaty, light nightgown.

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:tada: Wheeeeeee doggies! :hotdog: Your cool craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects!


Thank you! Cool all the way around. Even though we aren’t toasting in record highs here in the NE, it’s been quite warm and this has been so cool to have.


It’s like the little full slips I had as a little girl. Love it!