Light & Dark Denim Brick Bag

48 pieces of 2x4 light and dark denim bricks pieced together to resemble a denim brick wall. My initial design idea was 2x2 squares but that would have taken forever. I added iron-on fleece interfacing to the back side of the denim because previous pieced denim bags loosened at the stitching lines. Shoulder straps are made like a belt.


This looks very striking.

What a nice bag! I love the pattern you got, using the different colors of denim.

This looks nice and sturdy! Love the light/dark pattern.

That looks fantastic!

This looks great! Good call on the fleece. I bet that will help a lot!

Beautiful use of denim!

Thank you! My husband saw the design from a distance and kind of fixated on it before saying it was good. The fleece is working the way I hoped it would. The shoulder strap is more steps in construction but I love how they finished.

I love it!

I like the shape of the rectangles. Adds a cool touch.

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I chose the rectangles because I wanted it to look pieced but not checkerboard. Fewer cuts are less taxing on my hands.

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This is a very cool look! You get a patchwork denim, but with a tailored finish.

I love this and keep wondering if I have enough contrast denim to make one… The denim is in the bottom box of the pile of boxes and I have far to many WIPs going on to start something new (she says)

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:star_struck: :boom: Wow! This awesome project is featured this week! :boom: :star_struck:

I’m so lucky I have LC to learn from and bounce ideas off of.
Update: The birthday girl received this bag today, she said it was perfect, loves it and is going to use it right away.


Yes, of course! I sew myself but you bet if I got this as a gift I’d squeal out loud then dump out my purse & switch to this. It’s fantastic!

Thank you! I have learned a lot in the years between my first bag (blue leopard print velour with blue ribbon handle) and this bag. My confidence has grown and I’m more comfortable taking risks and spending a little extra money for better quality materials.

This looks really great - as well as super sturdy and useful. What a fabulous gift!

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