Lightening [redo]

Redid the painting I made before, and this time I think it looks better. Still wish I had done some glow around the lightening as well, but I’m positive I wouldn’t have done a good job of it. However, that gives me an extra push to attempt the other colored silhouette ones. Will even make learning how to do foggy scapes as well.


Really like the effect you got in the clouds directly above the lightning.

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It has a glow about it

This is very cool and I love the play on words with the title!

Love your branching and the subtle gray in the background.

The clouds look amazing and the lightning is striking (pun intended) enough as it is!


The clouds are perfectly done! I think this is an awesome painting!

Nice work! I like how the cloud at the top is illuminated :slight_smile:

I really like the “simplicity” or “starkness” of white on black without added color. I am looking forward to seeing your next tries and what you come up with.