Linen Embroidered Dishtowels

I have come to really love doing needlework during this shutdown…it is something I can do quietly in the evening while watching crime mysteries (my favorite!). The problem is that I don’t want to do just hoops for decoration…I don’t have a ton of wall space and like to save my walls for the works of others whose stuff is much better than mine!

I decided to try to find projects that I could use and just add some embroidery or make something useful with an embroidered piece.

I have always loved linen dishtowels so I bought a bunch of different heavy weight linen fabric. I hemmed them and was going to embroider on them, and realized that I am not a neat embroiderer, so the backs would show and be very, very ugly. Instead, I embroidered on plain linen and then sewed the panels on the towels.

This is my cactus set…the patterns were free. I have three more sets to do but will be taking a bit of break to work on other things.


They turned out great! Love your idea of embroidering on plain linen pieces to hide the untidy bits…brilliant :slight_smile:

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They are beyond beautiful. Truly.

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You’re right- it’s fun to use stitched pieces for something useful and not just for decoration. What a great solution! I really like the striped linen for the towels, and I love the cacti.


They’re beautiful! I love the idea of striped fabric and plain borders, and the sand colour of the fabric matches the desert theme very well. And it’s a very clever way to hide the ugly back.

So fun! Brilliant to add in a strip of fabric- I’ll have to remember that.

These are so delicate and detailed. I love the dual hidden stitching / contrasting backgrounds idea!

I love your idea of embroidering on linen then sewing to the towels! The contrast is pleasing to the eye, too! And, yay for cacti!

Thanks, everyone!

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Beautiful. I love striped linen. And the band of cacti makes them so special.

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Can I come to your house to wash my hands, just so I can dry them? These are just lovely.


sure–anytime! I love that they still hold the faint sent of hay/flax…some people hate it, but it is very comforting to me since I spent a lot of summers on farms…


What a great idea! And I get what you mean about the messy backs-when I was little, as soon as I would finish a piece I would show my mom and she would flip it over. Made me very conscious about my backs

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They turned out beautifully and that was a clever way of hiding the backs. These would be show towels only at my house and anyone who used them would feel my wrath.


They came out great.

The bands look like they were meant to be there on the towels! Awesome stitching my dear.


Beautiful! :blush: :cactus:

I love everything about these. The linen strip was a good idea and you sewed them on so neatly.

Wonderful plan and perfect execution! These towels look absolutely professional and perfect! I love them!!

They came out great! Those little cacti are so sweet.