Linen nightgowns

I bought 4 yards of seafoam green handkerchief weight linen back in… October, I think. And I made these in… November? I just hadn’t gotten around to posting. I used no pattern because I couldn’t find one that I liked. I just went with really simple silhouettes, mostly helped by the shirring I did. After I do a project with shirring, I want to shirr all the things!

On the short-sleeved one, there is shirring from the neckline to the end of the sleeve. Actually, that’s what gives it a sleeve shape. It was basically just a rectangle before I did that. Also, you can see there is some around the waist. Elastic neckline. The photos make the color look kind of pale gray, but it’s really pale green, I promise.

For the long-sleeved one, I used a tunic pattern I have and just lengthened it. Elastic at the cuffs and shirring under the bust.

I was proud of this project because I used all the fabric except for the small off-cuts from around the long sleeves and the necklines. Those bits got thrown in the quilt scrap bag and I have nothing else to deal with and try to conjure up a project for!


Beautiful! I love working with linen…and clothing made from linen is lovely to wear…so comfortable in all weather!

Love how you have used the shirring to give them shape…


These look so comfy and fresh. I like the ribbon accent you added to the short-sleeved one too.


Pretty! Someday I will try shirring…

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These are darling!

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These are so delicate and sweet.

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Lovely. I want linen bedding but it is so expensive.

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Thanks, everybody!

@AIMR Linen really is a dream!

@gozer Thanks! I thought it looked kind of plain and sad, then I remembered that I had tiny ribbon roses that could be put to good use!

@Bunny1kenobi You should! It’s actually not hard. I just let the machine do all the work, that’s my secret. :wink:

We splurged on linen sheets last year, they are a dream to sleep in. I bet these nighties feel delicious on the skin.

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I am very much enjoying them!