List your casserole dishes

Here’s a good topic that just popped in my head after replying to a comment on my Cheddar Chicken and Velveeta post. This could serve as a place for us to write our reviews of the ceramic, glass, etc dishes we use for baking.

(All numbers are in inches)


I don’t think any kitchen is a kitchen until at least two Pyrex dishes exist somewhere in it, heh.

  1. 13x9x2 Glass pan (since the kids have been out of the house I really haven’t used this pan that much).
  2. 1: 13x9x3 Lasagna glass pan (I use this pan frequently enough that I could never get rid of it).
  3. 2: 8x8x2 Glass pans (Perfect for cornbread, and I at least need one of these).
  4. 2: Twelve inch pie pans (When it came to pies, I did prefer these over metal, but if I had them I’d rather have ceramic or some kind of stoneware).
  5. 1: Bread pan. (I used to have three, one old, and two newer models, but like with the pie pans, I’d rather have ceramic or stoneware).
  6. 3: 5x7x1.5 Glass pan (Two used for the cats, but for small meals this one is excellent. I did have a slight larger one, but it chipped so I had to throw it away. With these, I really want to change them out for a few with handles and ceramic or stoneware).

If you can’t tell from that list. I used to be a Pyrex fanboy, heh. I’m kind of over that stage in my life. Now I want something pretty, :smile:.

Mr. Food

These ones were given to me by my wife’s work either because one might have been broken, or they weren’t selling (I can’t remember exactly why), but I do like them, they’re just a tad large for just me and the wife. Though, for making Au Gratin potatoes, I have to say they are wonderful. The depth is just perfect.

the larger one’s lid broke about a year ago.

6x9x3 and 7x10x3.5, I believe ceramic.


I think our kitchen passes the pyrex test…

The large oval roasting dish is Pyrex. The dishes stacked in it is one IKEA lunchbox and a smaller generic glass lunch box. In the other pile are two Le Creuset (cheramic) ones, one oval and one square. The oval glass one is some kind of not-pyrex (Marinex). The smaller square pyrex dish is in the dishwasher, and a smaller glass pyrex lunchbox is in a cupboard.

These ones we use a lot! It’s an IKEA set and they are great all round cooking dishes. The large one makes a ton of lasagna or roasted veggies for lots of guests.

The smaller is more like it if we’re roasting potatoes for two, or heating up fish fingers, veggie nuggets etc. The middle one is a perfect size for 4 lunch portions oven pancake (pretty much savoury dutch baby) for my lunches or roasting veggies. I can fit the small and middle one in the oven at the same time.

All the dishes have survived the dishwasher. He he. Very important!


Erm… not including what’s in the fridge, freezer, & on the counter for washing…

There are also 2 large enameled cast dutch ovens. A crock pot, a pressure cooker, a giant roasting pan. We feed a lot of people & I’m prone to big-batch cooking, lol.
Please don’t start showing off your canning jar collections. Even after giving away a substantial amount of those we are still overrun with the things. There’s a lot of stainless steel lunch containers too.


I have three different meatloaf pans: ceramic, silicone, and glass. My recipe uses all three. They don’t taste any different, but I like the aesthetics of the ceramic one.