Little Bear

I made this cute little fellow for the Ongoing Wish Swap in August. I bought the pattern on etsy. It was so easy to make! I made mine out of fleece, so it would be softer. My girls were just a little jealous. :wink:

Link to pattern here:


Cute fellow!

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It’s adorable!

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I love this bear, he’s kinda a droopy drawers look and so adorable. Fun!

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Awww! So sweet!

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He looks so snuggly and sweet. I love him! His expression is perfect. :blush:

awwwww he’s the cutest!

Very cute!

He looks so soft and squishy! You’ll have to make a little family of them for your girls. Maybe one to represent each of you? I think that would be adorable.

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That’s an awesome idea! That would great Christmas presents for my nieces. A family of bears that represent their families! I have quite a few nieces, though. :wink: