Little bird with teacup

Both my friend and I are avid tea fans and birders. I made this for her for her birthday. I am really pleased with how it turned out and plan on making one for myself.


Aww, this is adorable! She must love it.

Itโ€™s very sweet. I like your colorsโ€ฆ choosing vibrants to use in the foreground. The flower touch on the frame is an excellent choice. Are the flowers paper as well?

They are!

Thanks gang!

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So pretty!

This is so intricately pretty!

Love it!

Oh, how beautiful!

It came out great! I love the leaves extending beyond the circle frame and the colors you chose are cheerful yet peaceful- perfect for a cuppa while watching a backyard bird feeder.

Itโ€™s so pretty!

This is wonderful!

Itโ€™s adorable!

:teapot: :blossom: :bird: Congratulations! Your delightful Little Bird with Teacup Shadowbox is a Featured Project this week! :bird: :blossom: :teapot:

Itโ€™s gorgeous! I love the paper roses (are they paper?) on the frame. I also like that itโ€™s behind glass. Very professional looking!

I was just getting ready to post about the flowers on the frame. I think it gives it such a cool extra touch. Beautifully done.

Beautiful! I love the colors and the little flowers are the perfect finishing touch!

This is so pretty! what a lovely gift :sparkling_heart:

How sweet!!!