Little Creature-ette from the Black Lagoon

I run a horror group on FB and we are doing a half way to Halloween swap. Both my partner and I love Creature from the Black Lagoon so, since the group is all female, I decided to make a little creature-ette for her. Here she is hanging out with her favorite tiki.


She is adorable (and I love the idea of a halfway to Halloween swap)!

sweet, but I’d like to see more slime…

That’s what the umbrella is for, obvz. lol

Adorable! love that cheeky face!

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Ah, a slimebrella!


ha ha ha slimbrella…love that…

@kittykill…the little gills are killing me…what a cutie…unlike her brother or cousin or whoever he is…

I think this one might be from a lagoon full of sunshine, because she’s so sweet! I didn’t notice her lil gills when I first saw her.

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So adorable!!!

Adorable! The gulls and umbrella are perfect!

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Flippin adorable!

She is so cute! I love her face and her sassy posture.

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What a cutie! I love her expression.

Congratulations! This has been selected as one of this week’s featured projects.

Awww! Thanks!

Absolutely love the female version. And those gills are precious!

Congratulations! Your Little Creature-ette from the Black Lagoon was a BEST OF LETTUCE CRAFT 2021!