Little dot punctures in online shop bought sales cloth napkins, repair/hide how?

In the Xmas sales I bought some cloth napkins 100% cotton. Opened the package today. Where the tag was attached with 2 mm plastic thread, there are pin sized punctures dots of the fabric damaged.Allover the napkin is perforated with pin sized holes, as it went through the item folded into small square.
I gently pull cloth, but it stays with this. The cloth does not feel like cotton or it is has sizing. Anyway thinking how to repair this/hide this?
Sending back online goods here is a hassle.
Embroidery over it…or a bead on each hole…or a sequin on each hole?
Does it exist repair glue in color? I think color is taupe.
Any other tip or idea?
Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Have you washed them yet? I imagine with cotton once you wash them in warm water they will shrink up a little and those holes will disappear.


Exactly as Susie said. Wash them. They should be fine.


I agree about washing; use a machine, rather than hand wash; the extra agitation moves the threads and should hide the holes. That’s assuming that the plastic thread poked between the threads, and didn’t break or cut them.

If washing doesn’t make it right, embroidery would be nice. Stay away from beads or sequins, they would feel weird when you use the napkin.

There’s also fabric paint; that would probably hide the holes.

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The fabric is clearly broken like razorblade nicks/cuts slight tiny frays in sight.

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Oh that is not good if there are broken or cut threads. If it was just a few, then beads or embroidery would be a solution, but with lots of them, I would return, damaged goods ate not right.

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