Little Heart Shaped Box

I picked up some cardboard heart shaped boxes that are about 4in to play around with. This is my first one done.


I like all the additional embellishments…can’t bling up a box too much, in my opinion!

Love the texture you gave the top…how many are you doing?

How lovely!

Looking cute! I’m glad you used buttons on the sides, I do love me some buttons!

I have three more of these boxes :slight_smile:


Love the lock and key! Looks like a really fun project.

Beautiful mixed media project! Love all of the adornments you’ve given the box, especially the sequins, good call! Did you decoupage the lid?

I covered the box in tissue paper for texture then painted it. The ribbon on the bottom is hiding most of the other part.

Thanks for sharing that; the crackly texture is really amazing!

Am I the only one singing Nirvana? :laughing:

Very sweet little project!