Little Lemon Bee

I crocheted this for @Juju in the IYP 2023 Swap.
She had a lemon bee on her Pinterest list, which was a short and sweet video of a lady making it buzz around outside. I found a pattern online for a black and white version then substituted for Premier Parfait Chunky yarn in a yellow and a white for the body plus a light blue for the wings. The eyes in the pattern were large beads, but I prefer the snap-on kind from when I used to make more amigurumi. I had run out of eyes at some point and never bought more, so I had to make an order at the last minute which made me send late for the swap. Stash fail.

The yarn makes this little lemon bee SUPER snuggly.


Look at this little honey! SQUEE!

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Soooo fuzzy! The eyes are placed just right for maximum aawwww.

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Looks so soft and squishy! And so adorable.

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I totally love this little guy! He’s soooooo soft and squishy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ridiculously adorable!


I just got bit by a wasp and decided I hated all bees. You changed my mind. I love them again. I wish they were all as snuggly as this one!


What a cutie! That special yarn makes you want to reach out and squeeze this fluffy, baby bee! I think she would make a sweet kitten toy.

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Thank you! I think if it were a kitty toy I would embroider some eyes than use plastic.

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