Little Love Bus

I have wanted to make this little Valentine bus for such a long time. I finally did it yesterday. Lol! I am going to put it in my tea cabinet for February.


Gah! This is too darn adorable!

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You sure have a direct line to cutie patootie! Glad you didn’t wait…this will look great in your Valentine’s Day decorated tea cabinet.

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I love, love, love vintage Valentines! Your love bus is so adorable!

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Vintage valentines take us back to a sweeter era. Awesome work and your tea cabinet will look fab with this addition.

This is adorable!

I’m not generally a big Valentine’s day person, but this is cute enough to sway me! It’s delightful!

I’m in love with these rosey-cheeked sweeties!

That is adorable, I love this style of vintage rosey cheekedness!