Little piggie

I made a little piggie!

with a little corkscrew tail:

And he immediately got up to mischief in the (not yet fully decorated) Christmas tree!

I nearly lost the pattern when chrome closed all my open tabs without permission over night, but some dedicated digging through my browser history helped me recover it:

This was a really easy pattern and worked up really quickly! I used bulky yarn so it came out a bit bigger, and its little body is just the perfect size to hold comfortably in your hand!


Oh, he’s adorable! You are crazy prolific!!!

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Thanks! As I said, this was a quick one :slight_smile: And the crafting keeps me sane in these stressful times! XD


Oh my goodness, your piggie is so adorable. It reminds me of a special little crocheted pig I received for Christmas as a child. Love it. Thank you for the memory. :heart::pig::heart::pig:

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this is so dang cute. i love the little detail of his strap and button.

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That tail is killing me :joy:

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I love his little tail. He’s adorable.

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