Little red cap mushroom

Started out as a pencil topper but ended up too big for that. I considered adding cute eyes, should I have?

I wanted a stitch that would create gills & this tutorial was just perfect.

The rest was just made up in the moment.


Very cute! I think I probably prefer it without any eyes, but I’m sure it would be adorable with eyes as well.

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Adorable! I like it just as it is!

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Super cute! I’m in awe of your ability to just make yarn do what you want it to without a pattern.


That’s the magic of crochet! Made a mistake? No problem, just do the opposite in the next row, it’ll turn out fine!
It’s the Bob Ross of yarns- there are no mistakes, only happy little accidents :smile:


It’s cute!

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So cute! and you were right, the gills are perfect :mushroom:

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Thanks! I like the wagon-wheelishness of it. I don’t like crocheting with cotton but maybe I’ll try that pattern out with wool sometime. Wool trivets sound like a good idea. I think.