Little Red Riding Hood Yarn Cross Stitch

I finally finished the 3rd part of the little red riding hood series.
The wolf!


Wow, you are amazing. And I love her expression!

How long did it take you to complete all three? I feel like that would take me a lifetime.

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I love these! :heart_eyes: The style is really fun.

How big are these?

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Those are great

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Cute! I like the color choices-- it’s just simple enough, but still has a bunch of detail.

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I saw the thumbnail and said, “She did it!” These look amazing. I think you said you would make pillows from them, do I remember correctly? They would have amazing pillows. These are the coolest. Love that wolf! It really sets off the whole set.



So gorgeous and cool!

He’s great!

Love this set! Congrats on finishing! They have an eerie cuteness that’s so charming.

Ahhh-mazing finish, yay you!

These are fabulous! Love the palette, the design, the subject matter…!

:cherry_blossom: Congrats! This bloomin’ amazing project is featured this week! :cherry_blossom:

Thank you so much! Next step is to turned them into pillows. I believe they are 18X18 inches. They are pretty large.