Little Tree Gin & Tonic

When we traveled a bit nordical-ish a few years ago we found out that these places served their gin and tonics with a sprig of rosemary. Charming!

I saw something like this little rosemary tree somewhere online last week and decided to try it for the Christmas weekend.

First I froze a bit of a rosemary sprig into a small ice “cube.”


I used some skewers to keep them upright.


When they were frozen or close to, I put a little water in the bottom of a wine glass until the water is slushy or frozen just on top. Then poke a little hole in the middle.

Pop that little frozen rosemary cube in the middle, then put the glass back in the freezer until the water is fully frozen.

Once it’s fully frozen build your gin and tonic in your favorite way, minus the ice cubes and Salut!

I am sure there are different ways to accomplish this. This was my way.

FUN FACT: Tonic water glows in black light! And that’s what the deal is with the top pic.


Lovely presentation!

Added bonus…no malaria…lol…


This is soo cool! It looks deceptively simple, too. How did the rosemary taste in the drink?

We did tequila and Topo Chico yesterday…now plotting how to fancy it up next year!

What a special treat for the holidays! So cool!

The ice didn’t try to float up? Looks so cool! I love the little rosemary as trees.

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Thanks everyone!

I had this exact thought!

It’s a really nice compliment to a gin and tonic. I noticed that in Iceland/Finland/Estonia where they also put lingonberries in this cocktail! I can’t get those around here, though. You get more rosemary as the level of the beverage goes down and the rosemary thaws and is exposed to the air. The scent fills the bowl of the glass and adds to the olfactory experience of taking a sip. I’m not sure the experience would be the same in a glass with a different shape!

You know, it really didn’t. I think there’s enough surface area frozen to the bottom of the glass that it stays stuck for a while. It seemed like the rosemary was eventually floating, but pretty much free of ice in my recollection. I suppose if you held it in your hand vs. setting it down between drinks and were a slower drinker it might be different. But I do set it down and have a hard time saving any beverage that’s drinking temp!


Those are so fun!

how cool. makes me wonder what other herbs would go in cocktails…fennel in ouzo? At least rosemary stands up to freezing, the tender ones probably wouldn’t.

giggling childishly

BAHAHAAAAA! Well, I guess I’ll go correct that, but HA!

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These look lovely and fancy and festive!

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This is such a clever idea and beautiful presentation! The bubbles in the drink give it a dreamy snowglobe look.

Yes! I think using a wine glass and the bubbles give definite snow globe vibes and now that I think about it, that was probably the intention of the person who made the one that inspired me.

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