Little Trees on Mincemeat Pie

For some reason, I got a hankering for mincemeat pie which I hadn’t had since I was a little kid at my grandmother’s at Christmas. So I made it for our Christmas dessert! I just used jarred filling, but did make the crust using the Classic Pie Crust from the Cook Illustrated Baking Cookbook.


It was a great opportunity to use a wee tree cookie cutter!


It looks so darling! Glad to see my fellow Mistress here. :blush:

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Such a pretty pie! I hope it was delicious!

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Adorable tree decoration on top! That looks a tasty pie!

Mistress Twin Powers: ACTIVATE!

Thanks ladies! It was delicious!

Mmmm, too bad there’s no smell-o-vision. Looks yummy!

Mmm, that crust looks super crumbly and delicious. Now I want pie!

Beautiful, especially with those tree cutouts on top

Thanks everyone!

I highly recommend that pie recipe as it has never steered me wrong. That said, I spread it out over two days… and pre-cut the fats and chill them even another night before. :thinking:

Love your little trees! Totally makes the pie.