Llama "No Drama" Pillows

In the Ongoing Wish Summer Swap I claimed @jillybeans who had listed “anything llamas for my girls” on her post. I looked at her pinterest and there was a board of things the girls loved and it was chock full of images of people reading which lead me to make pillows with llamas on them to lean on when reading.
The first one was this pattern from Repeat Crafter Me. I used Red Heart Super Saver stripes that had been sent to me by @Amfkinney in a swap earlier this year and I really like how the background looks in that yarn. The white and black is Vanna’s Choice and the legs are Annie’s also from stash.

When it came time for the second pillow I wanted it to be a little different but not like, “these are for sisters so they’re mostly the same” different. (My sister and I are 2.5 years apart if you can’t tell that was from experience.) Plus, I didn’t have another self striping yarn in stash and it just looked a little like I cared more about the stripey one (because I overthink things like a pro) so I abandoned the pattern in favor of making myself crazy using another crafter’s wall hanging pattern and turning it into a pillow. (like ya do.)
Using her images as inspiration for the second pillow I tried to make it about the same size as the first and changed up the way she did the muzzle, face embroidery, and ears. I didn’t do her stitch pattern for the background, I kept that just sc like the first pillow so that they complemented each other a bit. The yellow is Red Heart Soft, the black is Vanna’s and the white is Annie’s I think. There is a ribbon “necklace” around it’s neck.

I made the pillows removable for 3 reasons:

  1. At first I was going to send them flat packed to save on shipping but then when they were for a 6 and 8 year old I wanted them to be usable right out of the box.
  2. I think it is handy to be able to wash something without a big bag of stuffing inside it.
  3. You can tuck your book in the back to carry it to a cozy reading nook.

Thanks for looking!


They are so freaking cute, ack! Gonna make some sisters very, Very happy indeed.


Holy cow! You are a productive one if you made both of these in 2 weeks! They look amazing and I’m sure are going to live several, well-loved years with the girls. Adorable!!!


Thanks, friends!

Oh my gosh! I love both of these soo much!!!

Your reasoning for the removable pillow are right on!!


These are awesome! So beautifully done my friend!


I, too, am appreciative of removable pillow cases. They look so cozy! I think my fav is the yellow one, just because I like how the wool was rendered.


Such a generous giveaway, and so thoughtful about thinking of the girls enjoying them immediately!

Love that a book can be tucked away in the back!


Thanks, everyone!

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. I ADORE these!!! So.Darn.Cute.


These are great! They made me smile. :wink:


Adorable pillows! Both cute in their individual ways.



Those are great! Perfect for sisters who want their OWN pillow!


The girls absolutely adore them! They have hauled them all over the house wherever they have been the past couple days. They are soft and so cuddling and just so cute! Thank you!!


Aww! That makes me so happy!

These are soooooo keeeewwwwt! And it’s obvious just seeing the pictures that they were thoughtfully created - both the decorative design and the practical design, then reading about your process verified that.

And I’m not going to see if I can train myself to start calling Delia’s collar her “necklace”! :rofl:


My (ridiculous) father always called his dog’s harness her brazier. It scandalized my mom with its impropriety! (which is precisely why he did it, the cheeky one lol)


Bahahahahaaaaaa! The nerve of that man! :rofl:


I want to hug these pillows they are so cute!!!

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