Llama Reading Pillow

I used some adorable llama flannel my little had picked out to make her a reading pillow! I quilted all of the panels including the pocket on my long arm. She loves it and keeps it on her bed with her latest library book.


How adorable is this?! Love it!

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A llama pillow quilted with a llama pattern! Too cute! Your little one will certainly enjoy this. :slight_smile:

The quilting on this is amazing! Did you “freestyle” (is there a better term?) it or use some sort of template?

Fun, fun, fun!

Oh my gosh!! I can’t stand the cuteness!! :heart_eyes:

Oh this is great!!! I love the fabric and the amazing quilting.

Eep that’s probably the cutest quilting design I’ve ever seen!

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I want to take some sewing classes this year to really learn how to use my machine. And then I want to learn to quilt. And then I can aspire to make a pillow as awesome as this one! This is so cool! I love it!

I own a Gammill Statler Stitcher which is a computerized long arm machine. I use a design program and purchase patterns. I only have to play with size and spacing and the computer does the rest!


That sounds like my kind of quilting! I’m fine with piecing but anything more than a straight line and I’m out :slight_smile:

Wow that is super cute!!

the llamas on llamas quilting is amazing!
i have this flannel hanging around my stash somewhere, and you made such a cute use of it!

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I love this so much Deana!!! :heart::heart_eyes:

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HOLY LLAMAS this is amazing! So cute. I love the fact that you made the pocket white for a nice clean pop of uncolor.

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Ooo a book pocket pillow! I don’t think I’ve seen something like this before, it’s brilliant!