Location, Location, Location (Altered Junk Mail 4x6)

When I got a pretty sturdy photo ad in the mail from a local realtor selling a home in my neighborhood, I knew it would be good fodder for altering. The original ad (address obscured):

What better way to jazz up a real estate ad than by plopping the house in a more desirable location? I cut it down to 4x6, partly to get rid of the non-photo bits and partly because I forgot I wasn’t in the 4x6 swap anymore and didn’t have to be constrained by those dimensions :woman_facepalming:t2:.

I added a magazine photo of a shoreline but wasn’t happy with how the sand looked & went over it with some tan tissue paper. I also extended the waterline a little bit with a scrap from one of the offcuts. A little path to the water, some shells, and a few palm trees later, and she’s good to go (unless I find a beach umbrella for that right side…). The palm trees are a little scraggly, but they aren’t native to Indiana, so we take what we can get.

Thanks for looking! And if you happen to be whoever recently bought this house, I promise I’m not going to dump sand on your lawn.


Wow, talk about curb appeal!


What a fun project…you can always dream…

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Fun! It would be pretty cool to have a house on the beach like that!

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You made me goggle with your 4x6 reasoning, and oh, a house on a beach like that would be so nice!

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Fun! Love the tissue paper sand.

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Much better! I like how you totally spiced it up.

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Thanks, everyone!

I was kind of kicking myself for giving up so much yard…