Loch Ness Wallet & Bigfoot Fail

First, I must say sorry for the awful pics. I completely forget to take better ones before I sent them.

This was for the Cryptozoology swap and went to @Kwality570. A while ago she saw a wallet at a craft show with this closure and I pinned it back then. I decided to try it now and I think it turned out cute. I love the latch. I have four more that I plan to make for the Shop the Swap this Fall.

Here is her pic if it.

I make it using Bigfoot fabric first, but cut it out wrong and it was too small. I didn’t have any more of that fabric, so I went to the Loch Ness.

It was a fun pattern and I enjoyed sewing, even if I had to make it twice. Ha!

Thanks for looking!


very cool, I like both.

You could bind the edges of big foot to make it wider, with or without ripping out the side seams. I always seem to be ripping stuff apart.

and what an interesting clasp! where did you get it?

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Amazon. LOL! I threw out the Bigfoot wallet. I was thinking of ways to save it and realized I hoard way too much. I didn’t want another half project in my craft room, so in a moment of clarity, I chucked it. I need to have that kind of clarity when I start cleaning that room. It’s stuffed to the brim.


You really knocked it outta the park with these Cryptid items! Love the prints and that wallet is really cool.

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Great wallet! And your fabrics are totally cool. I’m assuming those are maybe from Spoonflower…?

I love them both! And that clasp really is cool.

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Yep. Spoonflower. :smiley: :cherry_blossom:


:speedboat: :female_detective: :sauropod: Congratulations! Your cryptastic project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :sauropod: :female_detective: :speedboat:


Oh wow, I love that closure/clasp, do you remember what it was called cos I really wanna get some of those!! Adorable wallet, I love the loch ness bigfoot combo!!


They are just listed as Kiss Clasps, but that wouldn’t be of much help, so…