Locket Necklace from a 1930’s Rouge Pot

Made for @kittykill for the January Ongoing Wish Swap, inspired by a similar necklace in her Pinterest. She says she has received it, so here it is! (I had a hard time waiting, partly because the package took WAY longer than expected to arrive. Postal service is making me crazy right now…

The 1930’s compact/ rouge pot (which is about 1.5 inches across) was in pretty rough shape, which is why I felt okay about making it into jewelry. I tried not to block too much of the hula girls - or the word TATTOO - when I added the flowers on top.

Here is the back:

I stuck a vintage photo and a broken piece of vintage jewelry inside, but told her she should think about switching it out to make it more personal for her.

I really liked this project, and hope she enjoys the necklace!


That is so thoughtful & lovely. What a beautiful creation :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ooooooooh, this seems VERY Kittykill!

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This is really cool! The construction is flawless.

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SO very pretty!

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You have no idea how much I love this. It is so beautiful and well made. It has everything that I love. Thank you so much! It is the coolest.


I love to make jewelry from unusual things. This is absolutely stunning! The rouge pot… O my goodness. What a perfect find!

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This is such a great piece!

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