Loki- a family ATC

This is a sad story. You might want a tissue or two.

Our little chihuahua mix Loki was a pretty remarkable little guy. He was very loyal and loving and protective of his home and his people.

My little boy, who would have been about 6 at the time, heard our two dogs barking at an ottoman we had in the side yard (waiting for the “big garbage” pick up day in our neighborhood). He lifted it up and Loki intercepted the rattlesnake that had been hidden underneath it as it struck at my baby. Loki was injured but he recovered well, and my son walked away without a scratch. My husband killed the snake.

A couple months later, Loki went tearing out into the yard when he heard my other dog barking. A very large coyote had jumped the 8 foot tall block wall surrounding our yard and was chasing down our foxhound! Loki went right after the coyote, which in turn tore him up pretty badly, and then escaped the yard. We got Loki to the vet immediately and were relieved that he had only surface injuries. After the anesthesia wore off, he refused to eat or take his pain pills. We lost him within 24 hours of that attack.

The whole family was devastated. My oldest son and his wife were living with us at the time and mourned with us, too.

This card commemorates the thoughtful way my DIL bought me a Purple Heart with Loki’s name on it. We called him our backyard warrior. Her thoughtfulness was, and still is, so appreciated.

We still miss lil Loki. When I showed my husband this card he got all misty. And knowing @Chr1stchan she probably teared up a bit when she received it, as well. :heart:


Bless little Loki’s heart :cry: the bravest of boys :blue_heart::white_heart:
I’m so sorry for your loss xx


What a brave tiny hero! Your family was blessed having him in your lives, and he showed how much he cared with his life. Lovely tribute and nice job capturing his story with your family ATC!

I love how you are documenting your life with your series of ATCs.


A beautiful atc for a beautiful soul. Loki sounds amazing and brave. I’m sorry you lost him too soon.


Thank you for sharing Loki’s amazing story with us. He sounds like a true blue boy surrounded by a truly loving family.


This is a great card. I remember when that happened. Loki was very much loved.

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Thanks for the kind words, everyone. He was a Good Boy.

@Chr1stchan painted this picture of Loki shortly after his passing. If you zoom in you can see the coyote hiding in background on the right.

This painting has pride of place in our home because it features this little hero, and because it was painted by our much loved daughter in law.

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