Long handled pet feeder

I drilled a hole into the base, and cleaned out a side notch with the drill press so an inserted dowel in the handle would have more gripping strength for the glue.

Also, I used the scroll saw at an angle to cut the holes out. They act like a grip onto the sides of the Anchor/Pyrex bowls.

I had moved to these bowls as the lids would be good to put the left over soft food into the fridge.

And the color is to make it easily visable. So maybe, just maybe I won’t run into it and destroy it, heh.


So innovative!

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Super clever! If I still had pets, I would appreciate this so much. Love that you are inventing things and creating things that boost your own ability to enjoy all aspects of your life. Do the cats like/tolerate it?


Funnily enough, they don’t seem to mind it (since the paint and lacquor smells haven’t dissipated yet).

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That’s what I was thinking of— the paint smell, etc.

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I love “out of the box” thinking that has real usefulness. This feeder is clever and so helpful. You really have an innovative mind, it’s good you post things like this here, someone else will undoubtedly find them a help in their own struggling.


Ooh, I think I just came up with a cheap and simple method for making one that a person wouldn’t even need to have the “specialized” tools that I have…Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do it for quite some time. Rough estimating, it’d cost between $9.00 and $18.00 (Which the epoxy glue would be the majority of that).

Anyway; How a person could make their own.

1: Get a plastic double sided food dish. Preferably one where there is a flat piece wide enough for a 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch dowel to fit. Taking a screwdriver, or some large straight piece of metal with a sharp point, twist until you poke a hole through the center of the food dish. Slowly widen it with a knife, drill, sandpaper, whatever you can find. (Another method, if you don’t have a lot of tools on hand, heat a screwdriver (With a decently long handle on the stove. And melt the plastic until you get the desired width of hole).

2: On the bottom side of the dowel, Make a V onto two/three sides of the dowel where it will lower below the top of the food dish, and the dowel will not go below the bottom of the food dish. Then make some more smaller V’s just above where the top of the food dish is. The top V’s should be about 3/32 of an inch in size.

3: Using food safe epoxy glue, spread enough of it around the bottom of the food dish with the dowel inserted, keeping the handle/dowel as straight as possible. After it cures, then spread a little more of the food safe epoxy glue on the top of the food dish around the dowel, so both V’s are well covered.


Some plastics will crack and split. So you’ll have to revert to the heating method for those.

The screwdriver doesn’t need to be very hot. Plastic melts at fairly low temperatures, plus just a little heat can keep most cheap plastics from cracking.

Always presume all plastics are toxic when heated. So do this with a shirt/rag/towel wrapped around your face and preferably outside.

A hair dryer/heat gun will suffice for heating the tip of the screwdriver for shaping the hole, and would be much safer than attempting this on the stove.


What an innovative product! I know bending down is an issue with a lot of people! I love that you even thought of a way to keep the leftover food safe for the cats!

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This is so inventive and an amazing way to keep you with your precious fur babies. I love a tortie!