Long zipper pouch

I used this pattern from Sew Can She to make a pouch with one of my own fabric designs.

It worked out to be a little bit bigger than I thought because I don’t think I sewed in the zipper with enough seam allowance. And not having enough seam allowance made the top stitching difficult. I also didnt have my tension set properly for it. As as a result the top stitching looks kind of terrible. But its functional.

Before sewing…

Side one…

Side two…


Cute fabric, great pouch!
I usually topstitch with fewer stitches per inch than when I’m sewing things together. It looks better.


Nice fabric! I don’t think the top stitching looks so bad. That being said, I never thought about using longer stitches for top stitching! That totally makes sense!

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The fabric is great and the shape is different & cool. You did a good job making a nice looking, functional item.
A couple tips:
You can sew a second line of stitching closer to the zipper teeth right next to the first one if you find it isn’t as close as you’d like or if it’s a bit wonky.
Using the same colour thread as the background of the fabric makes stitching blend in.
It looks like the tension could use a bit of a tweak. Hard to see on this cell phone but I think I see little crossed where the stitch line should be a straight line. It shouldn’t affect the strength of the seam though.

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Great job! The fabric you chose is very cool.

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I like your fabric! Did you get it printed through spoonflower?

Did you top stitch both the outer fabric and lining? I actually came across a tutorial which suggested to only sew through the outer fabric and zipper, do you remember that one @Magpie ? I’ll try and find the link for you @Animegirlie , it was very effective!

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I did get it printed on spoonflower! Top stitching is done through the zipper too. I have never had a problem doing it this way before, just didnt have the tension right.

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