Looking for a crochet shawl pattern, really light and lacy

I bought some gorgeous cashmere mix yarn (it was from aliexpress, so its more a maybe-cashmere) it is really fine and all one colour. I don’t know the names of yarn weights, but you could make baby clothes out of it.

i want to make a really light and lacy shawl, but I can’t find any pattern that I like, it needs to be averagely difficult! And I want to make the shawl large,

Any pattern spring to mind?


Yes! I have one that looks complicated, but is really just a 2 row repeat forever. It’s SOOOO easy, but looks impressive.

It’s a free download on Ravelry. If you aren’t on Ravelry, let me know, and I can send the pattern to you. (I don’t feel bad sharing it, because hey, it’s free.) It also doesn’t really matter what weight your yarn is. You can just go until it’s a good size for you. I do recommend blocking it, to really make the lace pattern stand out. I made it in one of the Use the Good Stuff Swaps, with 2 skeins (400 yds) of sport weight silk from Darn Good Yarn. Mine was a smaller ‘shawlette’ version, as the recipient said it doesn’t get cold where she is, and she wanted it more as a scarf/accessory, rather than a ‘keep me warm’ shawl.

Here’s mine:

I added a single iridescent glass seed bead on each picot around the edge.


Oooh that’s really pretty. I love the colours you’ve chosen.

It’s bottom up right, because I’d want to make it much larger

And another question, would it work if I used a larger size hook, to give a more open effect, or is that just for knitting

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I’m (not) working on this: Ravelry: Kalinda Shawl pattern by Sylwia Kawczyńska

But this is very light and airy, not difficult though: Ravelry: Crazy Eights Shawl pattern by PurpleIguana

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Ooohh they are lovely, especially the first one

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Yes, that’s the one that’s been in time-out for the best part of this year!!! I messed up my stitch count and need to remedy it somehow!!


Well, no. Triangle shawls are worked from center of the top edge, outwards in all directions. That’s what I meant by ‘you can just go until it’s a good size for you’. After the first 2-3 rows, it’ll be a tiny triangle. After 20 rows, it’ll be a slightly bigger triangle. You just keep going back and forth till you like the size. There’s no set number of rows you have to create. I think it just tells you to end on an odd row. But it’s only a 2 row repeat. So when you find you’re at a good size, you just need to do one more or one less row, then the edging. So yeah, you can make this as big as you want.

And yes, you can use a slightly bigger hook to get a more open effect, though I wouldn’t go too much bigger than called for on your yarn. For example, if it calls for a 5mm hook, I’d try a swatch with the 5mm. Then try a swatch with a 6mm, and see what you think. Maybe you’ll want a 6.5, or you’ll want to go less open, down to a 5.5. Definitely swatch. And remember, it will look more lacy and open after blocking. Blocking is key to a good lacy shawl.

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Cool, thanks for that, it’s really helpful


I really liked Seraphina’s shawl. You can use any yarn/hook.

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Another thing you can do is look for doily patterns. Worked in a yarn instead of a thread, they are bigger in scale than the originals, and a lot of older doily patterns are fairly simple, but really pretty, and free since they are in the public domain.


Buttercream would be nice in a solid color
The Shawl of Salomon is very easy to keep increasing to the size you want
Porcelain Berry you have sizes to choose from

And Kokon because I LOVE it!

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