Looking for a "dummies level" walk thru

I am trying to make some pyramid paper boxes for candy packing. And I can’t figure out how to make it score lines.

Cricut Maker if that matters… Regular cardstock.

Any geniuses want to share the secrets?

If you are creating your own file, then I don’t know.

If you are using a ready made file, then you would select the “layer(s)” that include the lines you want to score from the “list” on the right of the Design Space screen. Then select “score” from the drop down menu near the upper left. Then make sure that you have all the layers that act on one mat “attached” using the paperclip button at the bottom of the list of layers.

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Jennifer Maker has a bunch of tutorials to show how to create designs. There is a way to add a score line, I just can’t remember how. And you need to have the attachment.