Looking for kitchen design recs!

Hello everyone! Our house is undergoing some renovations, and part of it is our kitchen. Initially, the kitchen in the house had felt a bit sad and glum, so I wanted to spice it up with a new design! Unfortunately, I’m not super creative, so I’ve been collecting ideas online. For example, this article https://www.caesarstone.ca/blog/light-grey-kitchen-cabinets-with-dark-countertops-design-ideas/ is convincing me about a grey-dark color scheme, while on Pinterest, I saw stunning waterfall countertops. We have a budget, so any tips on affordable but beautiful renovation are appreciated!

Sounds like you love dramatic modern design.

our last house had black countertops, beige wood cabinets, and white walls. It was really harsh, with a light-dark-light kind of stripeyness. The builder mixed modern elements with knotty pine trim throughout the great room; it was kind of psychotic.

We wound up keeping the cabinets, adding a similar color (beige) countertop, and a seaglass tile backsplash to the ceiling. It brightened up the kitchen and added drama.

If you go with black, maybe the walls and cabinets shouldn’t be too light colored.

But then, I am not a fan of modern design, so you should do what you like.

houzz is also a great source for inspiration pictures for rooms in your house!

Me, I like a more comfy kitchen vibe with warmer colors. But luckily, we are not all the same or this site would be so boring.

I would think about:

  • Is the lighting good for this color combo?
  • What time of day do you spend the most time in the kitchen and does the lighting support those times.
  • Does the kitchen invite you in, ask you to cook, or keep you away. I can just see you gazing for hours lost in your waterfall counters. :sweat_smile:
  • What colors make you happy? Cool or warm. I’m a warm color person, I want comfort, not coolness. But cool colors can be calming.
  • Does the new color scheme fit with the rest of the house, can it be seen from other rooms? Will it make you want to redo the rest of the house to match (might be good, might be a source of frustration).

When we moved into this house the kitchen was turquoise with gray/sand-colored counters and light birch cupboards. The backsplash was copper ceiling tiles (have not held up and are impossible to clean). I hated the copper. Then I painted the walls a nice warm gray to cover up the turquoise which I also hated, and wow! The copper popped, making the whole space warm, I loved it! And we get comments on how inviting our tiny little kitchen is all the time. Color can be everything.

I can’t wait to see your new kitchen. We are half kitchen remodeling too if I can ever get more quotes, but I think I will stay pretty much in step with what we have. I like it. But the backsplash will have to go. maybe copper toned tile?