Looking for more of this cat fabric!

Hey all! Hoping someone here might have some of this fabric from a few years ago that they don’t need? I will take any color variety it came in! It is “Quilt Gate Little Lucky Black Cat” or something close to that. (Yes, i found a seller in Etsy/ebay but they are in China so like 2 months for shipping!) The bit of it that I have doesn’t have enough info in the edge, so i am depending on other people’s notes on manufacturer etc. I am looking for fat quarter size bits of any color.


Good luck getting your paws… er, hands…on some. This is so cute!

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I checked, sadly no, but best of luck. It’s very cute.


OMG! So cute! I wish I did have some to share!

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I used the last of the wee bit i had in my scrap bins last month. Good luck in your quest

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Man I wish I had bought a whole yard back then! :wink:

Ah well.