Looking for pattern leads for vintage style knitting carry-all

Hey there, friends,
I actually don’t know where to pose this question so if this is not the right place I will gladly shuffle off to the right spot with some guidance. That said, my query:

Does anyone know where i might find a pattern for the fabric bag part of one of the old-timey yarn carry-alls that have a wooden frame that makes an X on each side when open and then you can pull the top bars closed to carry your project around? I can put a link to a pic if i make no sense.
I bought one in a church thrift shop (a few years ago!) to rehab. The fabric was really done-in and disintegrating. I had planned to carefully cut it apart to copy it over in new fabrics but the mice got to it first and I chopped all the fabric off in a rodent related fury.

Live and learn.

Now I need to find a pattern to make one from scratch and I’m having a devil of a time finding one. Firstly, I’m not entirely sure what to call it, and secondly, all my searches are pulling up actual vintage ones for purchase.

Any leads would be appreciated!

Edit: I added pics in a reply below as it took me so ling to dig it out.

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I think a picture of the frame you have would help me understand the pattern you’re looking for better.

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Basically you need a rectangular bag that’s the size of the frame when open. Does it have a place where it stops opening? If so, then measure your dimensions there; if not, then decide how far you want the frame to open and use that.

Anyway, measure your open frame so you know what size rectangles of fabric will fit inside the frame for the 4 sides and the bottom, and then use those dimensions to modify a rectangle tote bag pattern and add tabs to the top instead of a strap. Does that help?


I have one of those…somewhere. look for a bag pattern that has a box type bottom…like a reusable grocery bag, then adapt to your proportions. I know there used to be several tutorials on the old site. Youtube might be a help.

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I’ll snap and add a photo when I unearth it tomorrow. The craft things have blobbed into a monstrosity again and need taming. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies!

Finally unearthed the poor dear. I think the “grab a reusable tote and mess around” idea might work…

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I couldn’t find mine…now where did I stash that? I probably gave it away and then forgot. I do that way too often, keep something forever, then donate, then need it. Sigh.


but here’s a pic (mine had much less stylish fabric. Michaels was selling for 30 bucks. What? Looks like you could use velcro to attach at top and bottom rather than try to sew it on, though you could hand sew it on.The bottom looks to be a double, inside bottom and then the outside open sleeve to attach to the bottom dowels. I’d add handles so you can detatch and take with you if you need to.

OK, back to work now.

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You’re a genius. Thank you! I never would have thought of doing it velcro which would be great for cleaning it, also.

I also keep things for years never needing it then come up with a need usually within weeks of giving it away. Which is why I keep so much!

I love it when my sketches make sense to others! My DW recently purchased one of those e-reader type drawing tablets…a very basic one. I can draw and then email. So much easier than sketching, photographing or scanning and then sending or posting. Fun too.

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Your frame looks a lot like mine! Did it have the gold chains too? :grin:

I also cut the fabric off of mine, but I found the measurements I took (looking at it from the side shown in my picture):

  • 13.5 in wide
  • 11.5 in tall
  • 8.5 in deep

I really thought I had a sewing pattern saved, but now I can’t find it. The closest I’ve found is this slightly larger laundry hamper:

or there’s a knitting pattern:

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Omg I am so sorry i never saw this reply until just this minute. How!?

Mine did have the chains, that’s funny! Thank you for this info/links. I’m sure no one is shocked to hear that the project remains on my To Do list. :woman_facepalming:t2:

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