Loom Knit Lap blanket

I first was aiming to make a wrap but it turned into a lap blanket instead. I still need to block it, but it measures about 40"x48"in unblocked.

This one shows the color the best. It is dark taupe.

Loom knit using KISS Dragon loom
Yarn: 8 skeins of Plymouth Yarn Encore Mega in Dark Taupe (super bulky)


It looks so warm! :smiley:

It looks so warm and squishy!

It looks so cozy!

super snuggly!

Thanks! It is very soft and warm, too much so for this 90* weather we are still having.

I love how the cat has already claimed it! Beautiful job.

I love loom knitting! This is a giant piece!!

That is really lovely and cozy looking.

Love the color and it looks so cozy. Cat is gorgeous too