Lose an earring, gain a necklace

I got it in my head that I needed some jewelry to match the various sari wrap skirts I have in my closet. After years of being in a corporate environment, wearing more colorful and comfortable clothing has been fabulous!

I found this one earring part in my stash and used it as the starting point. I bet I used the other one for some other project…you know how that goes: you always find the lost matching one after you throw out or use one… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Oh, well…wouldn’t wear them as earrings anyway…

I did buy the lime green beads but everything else was in my stash.

Not exactly a perfect match, but close enough!


Lovely, great rework!

Practically perfect in every way!

What a lovely upcycling project! I love it!

This is great! I think it coordinates quite well!

What a great way to put that single earring to good use! I agree that it coordinates perfectly!

I like it a lot! Looks great as a necklace!

Wow that looks great! Who would have thought that once was an earring?

lol probably from the 80’s when people wore huge earrings…it is very light in weight and made from non-allergic metal since I was sensitive to nickel…I have a few other kinds that I am going to use in the future…if I can repurpose some of my old stuff, I will be happy!

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Very pretty! Looks like a perfect match to me.

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Lovely upcycle!!